All services provided by InKAS are either free of charge or are offered at a minimum cost. This is how we are able to reach out to a wide range of individuals who are in need of our assistance. We strive to build bridges between adoptees, adoptive families, South Koreans, adoptive nations and South Korea itself. We would like to extend our services to even more people who may benefit from our variety of services. In order to do so, we rely on the generosity of individuals, businesses, and foundations to support our efforts.

We welcome all types of donations, financial aid, and goods no matter how big or small to help improve our services. Some examples of the donations we receive are books on South Korea or the Korean language, children’s clothes, musical instruments, any household utensils for the residents of Woori-Jip (InKAS Guest house), Korean artifacts, etc.

Please remember that all you donations help to improve the quality of InKAS’ various services.

  Your donations are used for the following needs:

  1. International adoptees’ scholarships, visit to Korea, medical and guest house support.
  2. Placement Support to help international adoptees gain sustenance in Korea
  3. Birth family Searches
  4. Various cultural education programs
  5. International exchange programs (14 nations)

  Types of Donations:

  1. Monthly Support: Make a donation monthly.

  2. Irregular Support: Make a donation through credit card, cell phone, or internet banking whenever it’s possible.

      ○ Bank name : KB Bank
      ○ Account number: 012-25-0020-723
      ○ Beneficiary: 사) 국제한국입양인봉사회
      ○ Go to and under "Make a Payment" send a monetary donation to

3. Support through wiring: Make a donation regularly or irregularly through wiring

4. Donation in Kind: Donate new or used goods.

According to article 667 section 3 in the South Korean Income tax law and article 18 in the South Korean corporation tax law, upon your request we will issue you a year-end tax adjustment receipt for you tax exemption.

Contact us if you would like to subscribe.

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