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Simply speaking this service is an InKAS run “Tourist agency.” Over years of experience, InKAS staff have discovered the crucial need to not only function as social workers who provide the emotional and psychological needs of the adoptive community, but also practical needs, such as accommodations and tourism services during one’s stay in Korea. Hence, we systematically receive inquiries from InKAS members who are planning future visits to Korea.

Groups and individuals may apply for our “Motherland Tour Service” and our staff will suggest an itinerary fit for the layout of your special vacation. Fee is charged depending upon your specified request. (e.g., hotel, transportation, region of visitation, duration, …)

Why InKAS Motherland Tour Service? Why not other tourist agencies?

Adoptees and adoptive families visiting South Korea cannot measure their value of experience like any other foreign tourists. Visiting South Korea is perhaps a more emotional experience than a vacationThis is where the InKAS Motherland Tour Service carries its intrinsic value. With years of experience and know-how working with many Motherland Tour Groups over the past decade, InKAS understands the special needs of this very meaningful visit.

InKAS Referral Agency in Australia

For tour consulting for Australian families and adoptees,

Please contact Maria Camerotto from KIA Consulting



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