Steps of the application process

In My Applications you will find a list of services that InKAS offers. You can see which services you can apply for. If you already have applied, you can see your current status.

If the service is available you may create a new application. Note that you may only have one application in progress at a time for each service.

Fill in the form, upload required files, and submit to InKAS. We will then review your application form and you will receive a notification with the outcome. The notifications will come to your email listed on your member account, so make sure that your email is correct. You can find it in My Account.

The outcome will be one of the following:

Awaiting Admin Review - Please wait for your application to be reviewed.

Accepted - Your application is approved.

Rejected - Sorry, we cannot approve the application.

Requires correction - Something in your form needs to be corrected. Change and resend the application.

If you accidentally canceled your application please email to notify us this was an accident.  We will accept your cancellation so you can fill out a new application.

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