◆ Lodging at InKAS

InKAS has a guesthouse facility for adoptees to live at during their stay in South Korea. The dynamic of this environment is similar to a school dorm where each room is shared between 2~4 roommates.  Any Korean adoptees over the age of 18 may apply to stay at the guesthouse, however we give first preference to applicants wishing to stay 3 months or longer, such as our InKAS scholarship recipients who will study Korean language for one or two semesters.  All InKAS housemates are expected to abide by the “house rules” as long as they are on facility grounds.

Guesthouse Waiting List – a hedge against the unpredictability of available spots open in the InKAS Guesthouse. These individuals can not be guaranteed a place in the guesthouse, however, due to cancellations or alterations, spots may become available to those on the waiting list. 

InKAS Housemates – those currently residing or that have resided at the InKAS Guesthouse. This term applies to all those who have stayed in the InKAS Guesthouse at one period during his or her South Korean experience. 

The “house rules” may be updated periodically.

◆ More about the Guesthouse

On November 20, 2006, InKAS opened a guesthouse named ‘Woori-Jip’ meaning ‘our house’ in Korean. In order to provide a moderately priced accommodation for Korean adoptees over the age of eighteen, InKAS welcomes all adoptees. Woori-jip is open to adoptees who are staying in South Korea usually for three to six months at a time to learn the Korean language through the scholarship program or on one's own expense. The guesthouse is also open to adoptees visiting South Korea to experience Korean culture, work, or to search for their birth families.

- Location: Seoul, Shinchon area
- Duration: short-term or long-term (however we give first-preference to long-term applicants)
- Option: Share with 2~4 people (no single rooms available)

Applications are received throughout the year. You should submit the application at least one month prior to your expected move-in date. 

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