WhenWhat we did
1997. 04InKAS is founded and starts its business to help overseas Korean adoptees living is 14 countries such as USA and France.
1997. 07InKAS attends the 1st KAAN conference held by Korean-American Adoptee / Adoptive Family Network (KAAN) and presents all participants with traditional Korean craftworks.
1999. 08Starts “InKAS Motherland group tour program”
2000. 02Starts supporting programs for overseas Korean adoptees staying in Korea
2000. 07Attends the 2nd KAAN conference in New York and receives a plaque of thanks for InKAS Motherland group tour program.
2001. 04Becomes an incorporated association under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
2001. 05Registered as a non-profit private organization under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
2001. 06Accredited from the Belgium Ambassador
2001. 07Attends the 3rd conference in Seattle, Washington, USA
2002. 03Get entrusted to run Cheon-An Sangnok Youth Hostel (2002-2003)
2002. 04Starts projects subsidized by the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs
2002. 06Holds the 1st InKAS Special Event, inviting eight teenage adoptees and their parents to Korea (sponsored by Korean Air)
2002. 07Attends the 4th KAAN conference in Minnesota and gives a presentation of InKAS to 400 participants
Embarks on international Korean culture camps by sending volunteer instructors and providing financial aids
Sets to grant InKAS Korean Language Scholarships -> Awarded for its excellence by the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs
2002. 12Holds InKAS year-end volunteer appreciation party and presents plagues of thanks to distinguished volunteers
2003. 08Commences support services for adoptive families living in Korea : Conducts the 1st Domestic Adoptive Family Workshop
2004. 06Starts Overseas Korean Adoptees’ Post Adoption programs supported by State Subvention (Ministry of Health and Welfare)
2004. 08Sponsors Overseas Adoptees’ Gathering “다함께” with State Subvention
Wins a plaque of thanks from Gathering “다함께” in Seoul (500 adult adoptee participants)
2005. 02Forms collaboration with Yonsei, Ewha, Kyunghee, and Sogang Universities in implementing InKAS Korean Language Schlorship Program for overseas Korean adoptees
2005. 04Launches a medical support service with the support of Ewha Womans University Medical Center
2006. 06Organizes the 1st World Adoptive Conference in Seoul (600 adoptive family participants)
2006. 10Sponsors Racines Coreennes Festival in France, celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Korean French Diplomatic Relations
2006. 12Opens the 1st and 2nd Woori-Jip, Guest houses for overseas Korean Adoptees staying in Korea
2007. 03Attends La Cause National Family Gathering in Lyon, France
2007. 12Opens Woori-Jip 3rd
2008. 08Holds the 1st Korean Speaking Contest for overseas Korean adoptees
2008. 12Organizes ‘Christmas Party’, a fund-raising campaign for unwed mothers’ self-support
2009. 05Hyundai Department Store 1st Charity Bazar (Coex, Mokdong)
2010. 03Hanhwa Hotel Resorts Sponsorship
2010. 05InKAS Summer Camp – invited 40 teenage international adoptees (sponsored by Korean Air)
Hyundai Department Store 2nd Charity Bazar (Mokdong)
2010. 10Jongro-gu Office “Mission Tour with Adoptees” agreements signed
Living support and residential facilities “Woorijip” houses no. 1, 2 and 3 consolidated
2011.05The Ministry of Health and Welfare Global Human network support group
2011.11Holds the 1st Adoptee Art and Film Festival
2011.11Manage TESOL classe support Overseas Korean Adoptees employment
2012.05Overseas Korean Adoptees volunteer ‘InKas Helping Hands’
2012.10Starts the service oriental medicine treatment for Overseas Korean Adoptees
2013.01Starts foreign language center for childs from low-income families Trough Overseas ‘Language Bound’ for Korean Adoptees living in korea
2013.08Launches a training native language with the support of SangMyung Universities
2014.01A Foundation ‘BaboNanum’ support servives and equipment reinforcement
2014.01Starts foreign language center for childs from low-income families Trough Overseas ‘Language Bound’ for Korean Adoptees living in korea
2014.09Supports barista training for international adoptees
2014.10Hosts the first "InKAS Space In & Space out" exhibition
2015.01Proceeds with the third year 'LanguageBound' project which helps low -income children in Korea to learn foreign languages with the aid of overseas adoptee staying Korea
2015.02makes an agreement with SH Corporation Mapo District team regarding English education for low-income children who live in the Public Rental Apartment

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