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2016 Winter special Scholarship


Dear Applicant,

The Winter Special Scholarship is offered through based on availability.

InKAS will provide 70% percent of the tuition from the following universities:

Yeonsei University 

Sogang University 

Full Scholarship offered through InKAS 100%:

KyungHee University

Sookmyung University 

Korea University

Sangmyung University

Seoul National University 

Ehwa University

HanSeong University 

Inge University

If you prefer to attend a different university, please communicate with us and we will inquire the university/ institution regarding your enrollment. (Ex. JeonBuk University)

What about housing?

Applicants for the Winter Scholarship are offered free lodging at the InKAS guesthouse “Woorijip” throughout the duration of the program. (December 2016 - March 2017)


  1. Alexander Borowski on date 2016-11-02 20:51
    Is there an expected award announcement date? Thanks!

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