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2012 winter culture class

Event date: 2013-01-18

2012 winter culture Class 

Cooking/ Korean Language/Gayakeum class 

InKAS Oriental Medicine Consultation

Once a month, InKAS in collaboration with KOMSTA will provide free oriental medicine consultations for Korean adoptees.  For more information please contact

InKAS Chuseok

A gathering at the InKAS guesthouse to chat, and also learn how to make songpyeon, the traditional rice cake eaten during Chuseok.  Later we moved to Ashley's, a buffet restaurant, for dinner followed by a movie.

InKAS 2012 Events

Reflecting back on some of our 2012 InKAS events...

Celebrating the New Year by dressing in Korean traditional clothes and learning Korean customs!

Our InKAS Garden Party in May to celebrate Family month with our "InKAS Family" including the  Korean adoptee community, friends, family members both biological and adoptive, volunteers, and InKAS staff.  We also celebrated the publishing of Dutch adoptee, Yoo Ri Lee's book "For a Mother Far Away"

2012 GK Summer Camp!

Our summer camp "We Came Back" lasted from May 25th to June 2nd.  Forty overseas Korean adoptees and our InKAS summer camp staff traveled through Seoul, Busan, Yeosu Expo, Ulsan, and Jeonju by bus.  

We experienced both traditional and modern Korea, from sleeping in a traditional Korean style room called "hanok" and trying on hanbok (Korean traditional clothing), to relaxing on the beaches of Busan and great shopping!

This year was special because it was our first time having a summer camp staff mainly composed of Korean adoptees!  

Christmas Party 2011

Event date: 2011-12-28

Christmas Party for Korean adoptee with InKAS Mentors and Volunteers


Event date: 2011-12-28

Congratulation for everybody did a good job on TESOL Course. 

Recent InKAS Events!

Here are some of our recent events!

Our Thanksgiving dinner at the InKAS Guesthouse!

Our InKAS Winter Leadership Workshop to Jeonju and Muju Ski Resort!

Our first TESOL certification class will be finishing in about two weeks!

2011GK Summer Camp"KLU"

Event date: 2011-06-07

2011 Global Korean Summer Camp "Korea Loves Us(KLU)"

A big run of 12 days from May 27th to June 7th, 2011, in Motherland

All the forty participants had a meaningful time through 2011 InKAS GK Summer Camp titled Korea Loves Us. We set foot on every corner of Korea starting from Seoul, to Jeju, Busan, Kyungju, Junju, and back to Seoul and experienced the past, the present and the future of our country, filling the every moment with clues(=KLU) about how much Korea loves us.

All the splendid time spent together was precious and important for all the adoptees in the camp to fulfill their dreams as Global Koreans.

2010 Fall/Winter Trip

2010.12.3~ 12.5

2010 InKAS Fall/Winter Trip in Jeonju & Muju ♥

2010 InKAS Summer camp

5/21~5/28  2010 InKAS Summer Camp  ♥

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