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2013 InKAS Fall Scholarship Application Period for Inje University

2013 InKAS Korean Language Scholarships for Fall Semester For Inje University

InKAS provides Korean language scholarships to overseas Korean adoptees as an opportunity to learn the Korean language at a prestigious university in South Korea. In association with a grant from the Ministry for Health & Welfare and the participating universities, scholarship grantees can study at any of these language institutes: Ewha Womans, Korea, Kyunghee, Seoul National, Sogang, Sookmyung Women’s, Yonsei, Sangmyung, and Inje University.

1. Required Documents and Terms

A. Documents

- One on-line application form (

- One photocopy of adoption document with your Korean name

- One photocopy of your passport with valid passport number

- One photocopy of your high school diploma or higher

- One photo (3x4cm)

B. Terms

- Selections will not be made on a first-come, first-serve basis, but selected after InKAS staff reviews each applicant’s documents and application. We will select only two scholarship applicants.

- If you have any problems or issues from previous semesters at the Korean language school, your application can be rejected or your acceptance cancelled by personal notification.

- An applicant must be at least 18 years old.

- Only fully-completed applications along with all the required documents will be accepted.

2. Application Deadline

- Inje University : 24:00, August 22nd (Korean time)

3. How to apply

- Sign up or log into InKAS website ▷ Log in ▷ Our service ▷ Scholarship ▷ click on ‘Apply for scholarship’

- Fill out application form for 2013 Fall Scholarship Inje University ▷ Submit the completed form with all proper required documents

4. University information for language scholarships available through InKAS



Course period

Course available through InKAS

Inje Uni.


- 2013.12.19

Regular Program

Class Schedule:

10am-1pm Korean class or Korean Culture Class

2-4pm Korean class or Korean Culture Class

Wednesdays 7pm English conversation group with Korean students

* The university information above can be changeable by university’s decision

5. Fee

- InKAS Application fee: 82,000KW (77.00 USD) : It's non-refundable. Please don't pay before receiving an official scholarship award e-mail.

- University registration fee: Covered

- Tuition fee, dormitory and meals: 100% covered for Inje University (dorms open 8/30)

*Textbook and optional field trips must be covered by scholarship recipient

* Any previous scholarship cancellations can have a negative impact on your ability to receive another scholarship for 2013 fall semester. 

* Please check the university website for the fall semester schedule once again.

* If you are a recipient of a scholarship for the 2013 fall semester, you will receive payment instructions for more information about this course by email.

For further inquiries regarding InKAS Korean Language Scholarships, please email or contact InKAS.


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