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Additional Notice of 2014 InKAS Summer Camp

Every 2014 InKAS Summer Camp participant should choose one day between May 19th~May23rd, 2014 as arrival date and one between June 3~June 5th, 2014 as departure date. for the flight.
2014 InKAS Summer Camp will take place from May 23rd to June 2nd.
The camp participants maybe can stay in Korea for a couple of days before or after the summer camp.
We have some hotel partners, so a camp participant can get a good deal on a hotel for a couple of days before or after the summer camp, if he/she make a hotel reservation under InKAS' name.
The reason why we require all participants to flight in Korea on 3rd week of May and flight out before June 5th is we cannot guarantee that a participant can take a flight when he/she want to take according to his/her schedule. We do not know availability of flights with Korean Air out of the periods.
Therefore, please choose arrival date and departure date in the given period.

Thank you,

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