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InKAS 2nd Annual International Art Exhibition

InKAS would like to cordially invite art pieces of Korean adoptee artists to InKAS' 2nd annual Korean adoptee and Korean artists art exhibition in Seoul, South Korea. One of InKAS' prioritized projects are art related events where adoptees are able to professionally connect with Korean's mainstream social groups. We believe that a strong identity search for adoptees are found not through learning the Korean language and culture but also through meaningful interactions obtained in the Korean adoptee artists & Korean artists’ collaborative art exhibition 2015. 

Art is a medium of identity. Allow this opportunity to explore motherland Korea seen through the lens of art.

Our art exhibition hosted in November will be participated by 30 Korean adoptees artists and 30 Korean artists of similar level of artistic establishment. Last year we were able to successfully sell 30% of the 67 art works submitted and generously entire profit was returned to the artists 100%. 


Additionally, due to last years success, participants from the art exhibit 2014 will be hosting an additional adoptee art exhibition this September 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

This year’s exhibition gallery will be at the “Ara Art Center” —

Submission Deadline: October 10th, 2015

Eligibility to apply: 

  • International Korean adoptees from 15 different Western countries of Europe, North America and Australia 
  • Korean national artists (30 persons)
  • No age limit

Acceptable Art Medium & detail: 

  • Drawing, Painting, Illustrations, Photography, Digital Art, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Fiber Art, Printmaking & all other medium 

Art Work Regulation (Physical Description):

  • Size of art work must be able hang on the wall (Please communicate via email for individual arrangements)
  • If you art work is an installation display or sculpture, please communicate with InKAS for special arrangements
  • Do not submit the frame of art work. (This may increase return shipping costs if the art work is not sold during the exhibition) 


Submission Process & Material:

  1. Personal Profile including the information of one’s past exhibit participation, if any
  2. Artist Statement: An artist statement is a summary of an artist's beliefs, inspiration, and purpose. Please submit an artist statement of 3 to 5 sentences or less.
  3. Artist Biography: Please submit an Artist Biography of 3 to 5 sentences or less.
  4. Submit a digital version of 3~5 other art pieces from the past 
    1. Make sure all files are titled correctly: “Full Name, Title of Art, Medium, Date of work”
    2. Submit valued price of your art work (if for sale)

How to submit art work (digital version):

Step 1) Visit:

Step 2) Login to website: ID: inkas2015 / PW: abcd1234

Step 3) Upload 3-5 digital version of art work

*Minimum Pixel of 300 dpi*


Registration fee: Free


Should your art work be accepted, your name and exhibit name/title/artist statement and biography may be used in “Reminisce - InKAS” Publicity e.g.,  Art Exhibition’s promotion brochure & templates


Acceptance Result Notification:

  • Your acceptance will be notified before October 11th, 2015 (You may be notified sooner if your application arrives in advance)
  • Priority will be given to adoptee artists who are participating for the first time 


InKAS’ Sponsorship Details:

  • 100% of the profit will return to artist (Upon request, InKAS will arrange your direct contact with buyers) 
  • Advertising, curating and gallery rent will be sponsored fully by InKAS 
  • InKAS & Ara Gallery will frame your work upon arrival

If you have any questions regarding the art exhibition, please email 


Share your seoul hotspot

Share your soul hot spot

Special Scholarship Offer

Application Deadline

- For all universities: 24:00, July 5th(Korean time)

How to apply

- Fill out application form for 2015 InKAS Spacial scholarship offer(Fall & Winter) ▷
Submit the completed form with all proper required documents(

LanguageBound Fall 15' Recruitment

Language Bound: Searching for Korean Adoptee English Instructors

 Language Bound is a social enterprise that teaches English to children from impoverished backgrounds. As much as knowing English is an asset measured for today’s success in Korea, affording English courses are often reserved for the upper class. By offering higher education of English to low-income children, Language Bound’s goal is to offset Korea’s educational social imbalance while creating more jobs dedicated to Korean adoptees.

What Language Bound is looking for?

 Unlike most English institutes many experienced English teachers are familiar with, empirical experience shows that our program differs greatly.

1.     Prepare to be patient with many of these children for it may be their first time receiving extra-curricular education apart from school.

2.     Acknowledge the difference of the working environment in comparison to other teaching experiences. Language Bound is an institutionalized combination of educational and humanitarian group effort to help expose children to the larger global world.

3.     We look for one’s maturity, dependability and commitment not only as employees to Language Bound, but also as teachers to young children in classroom settings.

4.     We are looking for someone with the heart and enthusiasm working with children. 

5.     Finally, you should be available from August to December 2015

What you will find with Language Bound?

No previous teaching experience is needed. Language Bound will train instructors to become competent teacher with our newly adopted teaching method.

If you choose so, we will offer 3 specific work benefits. Hired Language Bound instructors will receive

1) 600,000 KRW per month (16 teaching hours)

2) free Teacher’s Training course, especially on storytelling

3) priority acceptance in all service offered by InKAS

Further details can be shared via email at


- Korean adoptee from overseas

- Proficient English Speaker

- Being able to work 3pm-6pm weekdays; 4 teaching hours per week (Every Tueday & Thursday)

- Committed and dependable work attitude

Required Documents:

- Resume

- A letter of introduction(Write in either English or your native language)

- Document which is reliable proof of the highest level of educational attainment (e.g high school diploma)

- 1 letter of recommendation 

Application Process

1) Resume and other documents submission → 2) Interview → 3) Training

* The training will consists of 1 night and 2 days of Training Camp and 1 week of Training and Preparation. Both of them will be held in February and will be non-paid (Therefore, hired Language Bound instructors will be paid from March). During Training and Preparation, the teachers will develop teaching materials for the first semester, give a lecture in front of other teachers based on what they learn at Training Camp, and do pre-visiting local children welfare centers in their location.

How to Apply

Please submit 1) resume, 2) document proving your highest educational attainment, 3) 1 letter of recommendation to

Application Filing Deadline: July 4th, 2015(Korea Time)

*Please choose one of the following areas that you want to work and show it on your resume

Seoul, Gyunggi, Incheon, Busan

* InKAS will respond only to those candidates who meet the qualifications and requirements of the position.

Prior to beginning work for InKAS/Language Bound, and as a condition of employment, all instructors must go through medical checkup as well as provide a copy of criminal history record(Reference: further details are offered at your national embassy)

For questions and/or additional information, please contact

2015 Summer Scholarship


2015 InKAS Summer School(Extended Registration)

2015 InKAS Basrista Education

Title: "2015 InKAS Barista Education"
Participants: Korean Adoptees & Volunteer

Local : Near Hongdae 

Limit: 10 persons

InKAS Summer School 2015

Registration for the 2015 Summer School has now begun! Please view our attached files (Poster & Brochure) and email us with any further questions.

We are excited for this summer program more than ever! Unlike our previous years, InKAS has extended the invitation to sons and daughters of Korean adoptees who are interested to experience Korea through our Summer School program. 
This is how you apply:
- Become a paid member on
- Access "2015 InKAS Summer School" application form
- Submit by April 6th, 2015
Please help us share this amazing experience with those around you !

2/27(Fri) InKAS

Please note that InKAS office will be closed on 2/27 Friday afternoon from 13:00.


SeolNal Cerebration - Second Event / Feb. 21st

Dear All InKAS Members,

Thank you everyone for showing lots of interest and support for our New Year Celebration on February 18th. You are always welcomed to our future events if unable to attend this time. All our events are designed to introduce a new angle of understanding Korean culture as well as an opportunity for adoptees to connect with the mainstream Korean community.

Unlike our previous years, InKAS will have two different Korean New Year celebrations (Seol-Nal) in the same week.

In collaboration with the “Korea Rotary Club” we prepared lunch and other traditional events at the “Korean House Restaurant” located close to Chungmuro Station. This restaurant is known for its Hanok estates, which adds to the classic Korean vibe of culture and traditional depth.

A true Seol-Nal holiday significance is found in the way family elders bless to younger generations. To introduce these values of blessing to the adoptees and adoptive families living in Korea throughhospitality, InKAS and the Rotary Club have prepared an excellent traditional meal.

*** You may attend both the Guesthouse celebration on the 18th and also attend the “Korea House” celebration on the 21st

Please email us by Monday 23rd (Morning) if you are interested on attending! And visit the Korea House website to see what programs they offer!

Time: 12:30PM-3PM

Date: February 21st, 2015

Location: Korea House - 서울특별시 중구 퇴계로36길 10

Subway: Chungmuro Station (Line 4) Exit #3


Guests: Adoptees & Adoptive Families & Friends (those with no experience in Korean Culture)

RSVP: 30 reservations ONLY (Need NOT to be an InKAS member)

If  you would like to attend, please reply to this email to RSVP before February 17th.

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