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InKAS Tesol Certification Program 2016

"Tesol Certification Program for Oversea Korean Adoptees" 

Online and offline courses are now opened for rolling admission until December 30th, 2016. 

This 120 hour Tesol course begins every month. So email InKAS at for detailed schedules.

***This is a career development project for adoptees planning to live in Korea short/long term as a private English language educator***

InKAS International Art Exhibition 2016 "Biennial"

Event date: 2016-11-02

InKAS Cordially invites you to the opening reception of Korean adoptee and Korean artist collaborative art exhibition - "Biennial". 

Limitless thanks to the unyielding support and encouragement of our adherents, InKAS would like to reciprocate our gratitude through offering more resourceful ways for Korean adoptees to visit Korea and uncover his or her heritage.

Our collaborative art exhibition is one of InKAS most favored social events that is intrinsically designed in efforts to bring together the adoptive community worldwide. 

Thank you once again for your faithful support and hope to have you join our opening reception.

*Opening Ceremony

Date : November 2nd, 2016

Time : 15:00~16:30

Place : 상명대학교 미래백년관 B1 갤러리 월해 (20 Hongjimun 2gil Seodaemun-gu Seoul)

Pick up Service :

- City Hall Station, Line 1&2, Exit 4  →​ Sangmyung Univ. : 13:40 / 14:20

- Sangmyung Univ.​ →​ City Hall - 17:00 / 18:00

Special Event : Meeting with the artists at the exhibition hall / 4:30 pm

2016 InKAS Mentoring Workshop

Event date: 2016-10-15

"2016 InKAS Mentor Workshop"

Make your life in Korea more fruitful together with your mentor!

Dear Korean Adoptees,

This workshop is to give an opportunity for adoptees living or planning to live in Korea to meet Korean experts and receive professional support and information.

Through this event, you can make connections with people from all walks of life and find information about your career or the field you’re interested in. Young Korean mentors who are currently working in various fields will help you get involved in the Korean society and provide you with professional knowledge.

Mentors and adoptees will be matched one on one. Group and individual mentoring sessions are prepared to help mentors and mentees get to know each other. The mentoring duration is approximately three months.

Apply for the workshop and expand your horizon.

Hope to build a special relationship with a mentor!

Application Form:

Office closing

Event date: 2016-09-13

Dear InKAS members,

We announce that we are not available 5 days from 9/14/16 to 9/18/16 for Chuseok holidays. But you can reach us from Monday(9/19/16). 

We wish you have a great time and hope to see you at 2016 InKAS Chuseok Garden Party(9/17/16). 


Yours truly, InKAS Team 


Event date: 2016-09-17

InKAS Chuseok Garden Party (September 17th, 2016 || 5PM - 7PM) 

Dear KADs, Korean thanksgiving is here!

Celebrate the Korean harvest celebration with other Korean adoptees visiting, studying and working in Korea.

Invite friends&families to enjoy this bountiful season!

Your truly, InKAS Staff and Volunteers

Participation From :

RSVP by September 12th, 2016

2016 Winter special Scholarship


Dear Applicant,

The Winter Special Scholarship is offered through based on availability.

InKAS will provide 70% percent of the tuition from the following universities:

Yeonsei University 

Sogang University 

Full Scholarship offered through InKAS 100%:

KyungHee University

Sookmyung University 

Korea University

Sangmyung University

Seoul National University 

Ehwa University

HanSeong University 

Inge University

If you prefer to attend a different university, please communicate with us and we will inquire the university/ institution regarding your enrollment. (Ex. JeonBuk University)

What about housing?

Applicants for the Winter Scholarship are offered free lodging at the InKAS guesthouse “Woorijip” throughout the duration of the program. (December 2016 - March 2017)



We are open Fall scholarship application till 8/18 midnight.

This is for Sookmyung and Ewha university 10weeks language class.

You can enjoy Korean class in beautiful season, FALL...

2016 Global Leadership Summit

“Global Leadership Summit - Expanding world views”

Application Deadline: July 15th, 2016

Are you a Korean adoptee living in Korea or visiting Korea in August, 2016? We invite Korean adoptees as invited panelists and participants to our 5-day leadership summit!

From August 8th to the 13th, InKAS is hosting a “Global Leadership Summit” for Korean university students invited from selected campuses nationwide. The purpose of this program is to provide an experience for young Koreans living in non-metropolitan cities of South Korea to obtain a globalized perspective of today’s world. InKAS is convinced that Korean adoptees, with his or her multicultural background, can be cultural advisors to the young minds of Korea. We encourage Korean adoptee panelists to participate in the “Global Leadership Summit.”

Specifically, InKAS invites 25 self-motivated and culturally enriched Korean adoptees who would enjoy presenting his or her observation of Korea. The program will consist of panel discussions, guest speakers and outdoor traveling actives. As part of the program, all participants will be subject to an identification clearance in order to participate in the "DMZ Underground Cave” tour. It is therefore crucial that all attendees apply 3 weeks in advance to August 8th, 2016.

To participate, InKAS asks you to submit a short paragraph discussing one of these topics:

Examine Korean society. What is your impression?

- Compare and contrast the greatest difference that you observed in the day to day interaction of Koreans in comparison to America/Europe/Australia. 
- Any topics of interest regarding our views of Korea that you would like to share during the summit.

Email to apply

**All expenses, except flight to Korea, is sponsored to selected candidates**

2016 Language Bound - Application Round 3

InKAS Language Bound: Korean Adoptee Instructors Working to Fill Korea’s Education Gap

InKAS Language Bound was created for the purpose of delivering high-quality English language instruction to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Contrary to their more affluent peers, many underprivileged children in Korea do not have the same access to quality English language teaching, creating an education gap dramatically impacting their future academic and economic prospects. By offering research-based, high-quality English instruction in partnership with parents, families and key stakeholders, InKAS Language Bound works to offset Korea’s educational social imbalance while creating job opportunities for international Korean adoptees returning to live and work in Korea.

 What Language Bound is looking for?

An experience greatly differing from existing private and public English supplemental education, Language Bound serves and acknowledges the whole child while employing continuous research and best practices to continuously improve education quality.

1.      Teachers with a passion for closing the educational achievement gap in Korea and the maturity requisite for overseeing students' personal and academic development.

2.      Committed, responsible professionals who are open to training, feedback and instructional growth through accountability.

3.      A no excuses attitude and the ability to remain calm under stress, along with the ability to employ tenderness and patience as needed.

4.      Experience in education with a base understanding of lesson planning and classroom management.

What are the benefits of working for Language Bound?

1) 700,000 KRW per month (taxes not included)

2) Continuous professional development and expert coaching

3) Priority acceptance for InKAS services


-          Korean overseas adoptee

-          Proficient English Speaker

-          Ability to teach four hours per week (Tuesday and Thursday afternoons)

-         Willingness to be coached and engage in regular contact (~one hour/week) with coach is required, attendance at a monthly professional development seminar

-          Committed and dependable work attitude, in addition to traits described above

Required Documents:

-          Application (through application portal)

-          Resume

-         Copy of University Transcript or Diploma (highest received level of education, unofficial transcripts are acceptable)

-          Sample Lesson Plan (see below)

Application Process

1) Application with Resume, Transcript/Diploma & Lesson Plan Submission → 2) Interview → 3) Training → 4) Classes Begin

*Sample Lesson Plan Instructions: Please write and attach a lesson plan for an English language instruction one hour class, appropriate for early elementary students (grades 1-3). The subject and instruction methods are to be determined by the applicant. You may also include any relevant activities or assessments to be used with the lesson.

Important Dates: 

Application Deadline - Monday, June 20, 2016 at midnight

Interviews (invitees only) - Next week

Teacher Training - Two full days, last week of June

Semester - September-December

* Prior to the beginning of each semester, an unpaid two-day training will be conducted (meals provided). Teachers are expected to actively participate in professional development sessions, and use skills learned in weekly lesson plans and instruction. More information will be provided.

In addition, prior to beginning work for InKAS Language Bound, and as a condition of employment, all instructors must complete or give evidence of a valid medical checkup as well as provide a copy of criminal history record (documents not required with initial application).

For questions and/or additional information, please contact

2016 Fall & Winter Scholarship

Now, 2016 Fall & Winter Scholarship application is opened.  Please review poster below and fill out application.

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