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[[마감]]부산 통역(8/21 ~ 8/27)

위 기간중 부산에서 생모를 만나는 프랑스 입양 여성의 통역 도와주실분 구합니다.   가능한 날자와 시간 각 알려 주시기 바랍니다.

[마감] 한국어 도우미

7/8(화) 또는 7/10(목)  한국어 도움 주실분 원합니다. 

 가능한 시간도 함께 알려 주십시오.

장소: 신촌, 홍대, 합정동 근처

[마감] 7/5(토) 통역도우미

7/5(토)  오전 10시부터 오후 6시까지 1가족(4명-엄마/아빠/아이 두명)과 함께 남대문 시장, 명동 쇼핑 남산 관광에  통역해 주실 봉사자 구합니다.


오후 6시: 명동 난타 공연장 매표소 앞

[마감] 한국어 도우미

한국에서 공부하고 있는 입양인에게 한국어 도움주실 봉사자 구합니다.

시간은 두분이 합의해서 결정할 수 있습니다.  

장소는 신촌/홍대 근처 입니다

[마감] 7/22(화) 한국사회봉사회

7/22(화)  아버지를 만나는 입양인 통역 도와 주실분 원합니다.

시간: 7/22  오후 2시 ~

장소: 한국사회 봉사회 사무실(도봉구 쌍문동 533-3, 908-9191)

[마감] 7/3(목) 동방사회복지회

7/3(목)    동방사회 복지회방문에 동행 통역해 주실분 원합니다.

시간: 13:00 ~ 17:00

만남장소: 추후 통보

동방사회 복지회: 서대문구  창천동

[마감] 한국어 도우미

이화여대에서 한국어 공부하고 있는 입양인에세 한국어 도움 주실분 원합니다.  일주일 1~2번(3번이면 더욱 좋음)

장소: 이대근처/신촌지역

시간:  월/수/금/토/일  오후 2시 이후

학교에서 배운것을 합께 반복 복습하기 원함

Language Bound: Searching for instructors(2nd semester)

Language Bound: Searching for Korean Adoptee English Instructors

 Language Bound is a social enterprise that teaches English to children from impoverished backgrounds. As much as knowing English is an asset measured for today’s success in Korea, affording English courses are often reserved for the upper class. By offering higher education of English to low-income children, Language Bound’s goal is to offset Korea’s educational social imbalance while creating more jobs dedicated to Korean adoptees.

What Language Bound is looking for?

 Unlike most English institutes many experienced English teachers are familiar with, empirical experience shows that our program differs greatly.

1.     Prepare to be patient with many of these children for it may be their first time receiving extra-curricular education apart from school.

2.     Acknowledge the difference of the working environment in comparison to other teaching experiences. Language Bound is an institutionalized combination of educational and humanitarian group effort to help expose children to the larger global world.

3.     We look for one’s maturity, dependability and commitment not only as employees to Language Bound, but also as teachers to young children in classroom settings.

4.     Lastly, we are looking for someone with the heart and enthusiasm working with children. 

What you will find with Language Bound?

No previous teaching experience is needed. Language Bound will train instructors to become competent teacher with our newly adopted teaching method.

If you choose so, we will offer 3 specific work benefits. Hired Language Bound instructors will receive

1) 600,000 KRW per month (16 teaching hours)

2) free Teacher’s Training course, especially on storytelling

3) priority acceptance in all service offered by InKAS

Further details can be shared via email at


- Korean adoptee from overseas

- Proficient English Speaker

- Being able to work 2pm-6pm weekdays; 4 teaching hours per week (Class schedule is not fixed yet)

- Committed and dependable work attitude

Required Documents:

- Resume

- A letter of introduction(Write in either English or your native language)

- Document which is reliable proof of the highest level of educational attainment (e.g high school diploma)

- 1 letter of recommendation (Download template docx-file or pdf-file)

Application Process

1) Resume and other documents submission → 2) Interview → 3) Training

* The training will consists of 1 night and 2 days of Training Camp and 1 week of Training and Preparation. Both of them will be held in February and will be non-paid (Therefore, hired Language Bound instructors will be paid from March). During Training and Preparation, the teachers will develop teaching materials for the first semester, give a lecture in front of other teachers based on what they learn at Training Camp, and do pre-visiting local children welfare centers in their location.

How to Apply

Please submit 1) resume, 2) document proving your highest educational attainment, 3) 1 letter of recommendation to

Application Filing Deadline: July 14, 2014

*Please choose one of the following areas that you want to work and show it on your resume

Seoul, Gyunggi, Incheon, Busan

* InKAS will respond only to those candidates who meet the qualifications and requirements of the position.

Prior to beginning work for InKAS/Language Bound, and as a condition of employment, all instructors must go through medical checkup as well as provide a copy of criminal history record(Reference: further details are offered at your national embassy)

For questions and/or additional information, please contact Hyuk Ray Park,

Download this document as pdf

[마감] F4 VISA 신청

7/15(화)  10:00 ~15:00  F4 VISA 신청과정을  통역해 주실봉사자 구합니다.

7/15 InKAS 사무실로 오전 10시까지 와서 의뢰인 만나 함께 하면 됩니다.

[마감] 엄마편지 영역

1페이지분 엄마 편지 영어로 번역해 주실분 구합니다. 

참고로 현지 엄마 편지 입니다.


InKAS - International Korean Adoptee Service Inc | Phone: +82-2-3148-0258 | Fax: +82-2-3148-0259
(03698) 15F, 662, Gyeongin-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea