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[마감] 직업센터 방문 및 간단한 서류 작업을 도와주실 봉사자를 구합니다

Event date: 2014-02-21

안녕하세요. 미국에 서 오신 남자 입양인분과 함께 송파구에 위치한 서울 동부고용센터를 함께 방문해주시고 간단한 서류작업 및 전화 걸기 등을 도와주실 봉사자를 찾습니다.

언어: 영어

장소: 서울 송파구

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마감)문서 번역 해주실 봉사자를 구합니다

Event date: 2014-02-18

안녕하세요. 문서 2장을 번역해주실 봉사자를 구합니다.

언어: 한국어 - 영어

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Seollal Party

InKAS had Seollal party to celebrate coming Seollal, one of the biggest holiday in Korea, with Korean adoptees. This event which was sponsored by Moogoongwha rotary club and Moogoongwha rotaract had various programs such as Yutnori tournarment, learning how to do Saebae, and learing Arirang, one of the most famous songs to Koreans.
Happy New Year to all of you who love InKAS!

2013 End of year

InKAS had 2013 End of Year Ceremony to look back at 2013 as welcome 2014 with our sponsors and volunteers as well as with Korean adoptees. Thank you so much all who love us, again.

2013 Winter Career Workshop

2013 Winter Career Workshop which is designed to help Korean adoptees build stable career in Korea was held at Starvalley Gangchon, Gangwondon on 6th- 8th December 2013.

The lecture started with Youngsoo Park, a psychologist, and a variety of lectures of career in Korea based on a Korean adoptee's own experience, of social media were given by guest speakers.

We will try to offer diverse programs which help Korean adoptees to build stable career and life in Korea in the future, also.

Mentoring Camp

InKAS has 'Love Triangle Mentoring' program which those adopted by foreign family become mentors of the children adopted by Korean family. The goal of the mentoring program is the mentors help the kids grow up by giving them an advice based on their own experiences, while the domestic adoptive families support the mentor adoptees to build a stable life in Korea.

The mentoring camp took place on November 25th and 26th, 2013.

Supporting Korean Adoptees to Achieve TESOL Certificate

From 2011, InKAS has offered TESOL program to Korean adoptees, in order to help them build more stable career and life.

The picture below shows the 2013 TESOL orientation.

[마감] 통역 봉사자를 구합니다

Event date: 2014-02-22

안녕하세요 벨기에에서 오신 여성 입양인 분께서 가족들과의 모임에서 통역해주실 수 있는 봉사자를 구합니다.

일시: 2월 22일(토요일)

시간: 오후 5시 또는 6시

장소: 서울 동대문구

언어: 영어, 프랑스어, 독일어

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2014 InKAS Summer Camp

“I know that you would not think so, after all those tears, but it was an amazing experience! It was a very important start of a journey I have to make. I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to do this in your good care.”    - 2013 Summer Camp participant Jose Vos -

Date: May 23th -  June 2nd, 2014

Every year, InKAS gladly invites 40 overseas Korean adoptees to join our summer camp in South Korea. All the participants will have an opportunity to learn the history and heritage of their motherland. By visiting 7 most astonishing cities of South Korea (Seoul, Gongju, Hapcheon, Jinju, Busan, Ulsan, and Gyeongju) and engaging in many inspiring activities(Workshop, Homestay, Local Organization Visits, etc), every camp member will reconcile with his or her home country. 

Requirements: Overseas Korean adoptees over 18 years old

Airfare: Sponsored by Korean Air!

Camp Expenses: All lodging, transportation, activities, and meals will be covered by InKAS

Applying: Fill out an application through  If you are not an InKAS member, please sign up first and pay the annual membership fee (30 USD).

* As you may know, a large number of Korean adoptees all over the world apply for Summer Camp participant positions, but there are limited number of positions. So not every applicants or everyone who got the Summer Camp email are going to join the camp.

We will contact only successful candiatates for the camp after reviewing all applications. We will contact only successful candiatates for the camp after reviewing all applications.

Fee: FREE (A nonrefundable registration fee of 100 Euro/150 USD, as well as certain airlines taxes/fees must be covered by the participant)

Application Deadline:  March 10th, 2014, 24:00 (KT)

Contact Information


phone: 82-2-3148-0258

Summer Camp Coordinators:  Ahyoung Kim

마감)통역 봉사자를 구합니다

Event date: 2014-02-12

안녕하세요. 입양인분과 입양인의 친아버지님께서 서로 이야기를 나누고 싶으신데, 언어적 문제가 있어서,
봉사자님의 통역을 통해 원만하게 이야기를 나눠보고 싶어 하십니다.

언어: 프랑스어
하루라도 빨리 허심탄회 이야기를 나눠보고 싶어하셔서, 봉사 가능하신 분의 빠른 답변을 부탁드립니다. 또한 입양인분과 친부모님의 민감할 수 있는 대화를 통역하는 봉사라, 친부모님과의 대화를 통역하신 경험이 있으셨으면 좋겠습니다.
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