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International Korean adoptee and Korean artist art Festival

(“Space-in & Space-out”) Project Outline


Purpose & Background:

  The essence of “Space-in & Space-Out (SISO) exhibition” is to create a platform of exchange between international Korean Adoptees and Korean native artists. Art has always been a non-verbal method of communication that inhabits a particular language of its own, and this is exactly what this exhibition will accomplish.

Numerously talented Korean Adoptees have thrived in fields of art for years. It has come to a point where many Korean artists have begun to notice these unique gifts from afar. Supporters of this exhibition are eager to engage not only established but also to encourage young aspiring artists to share their works with the Korean art community. This will be an empowering experience for 15 cultures to merge under the experience of discovering new forms and ideas of art. As most forms of art are continuations of developing ideas, this exhibition will contribute to the betterment of modern art in Korea as well as an opportunity for your work to debut in the Korean market. We project that the artistic exchange made in this exhibition will generate synergy and network amongst artists nationwide and worldwide.

Exhibition Title: Space-in & Space-Out 

Exhibition Dates: October 1st, 2014(Wednesday) 6PM – October 7th(Tuesday)

Location: “Misulsegye Gallery” (Insa-dong, Jeongro, Seoul,)

Participating Artists: 30 Adoptee Artists & 30 Korean Artists

Artist Requirements:

·  Korean Native Artists

o  Bachelor’s Degree in Art

o  Priority offered to artists who can contribute to help Korean adoptee artists integrate and exhibit art work into the Korean art community

§  Ex. Ability and connections to invite KADs to future exhibitions in Korea

·  International Korean Adoptee Artists

o  International Korean adoptees artists of all experience


Art Work:

·  Drawing, Painting, Illustrations, Photography, Digital Art

* Other genre art works like sculture will be acceptable if they can be attached on the wall

How to apply:

 Download and fill out this form and send it to

·  Submit photos of your 1 to 4 art works

o  Instructions:

§  Step 1: Login to website

·  ID: inkassiso

·  Password: inkasguest

§  Step 2: Upload

·  Upload 1 to 4 art pieces

§  Step 3: Double check

·  Make sure your file is titled correctly

o  Ex. “Full Name, Title of Art, Medium, Date of work”

·  Size limit of actual work: (91.0 x 72.7 cm)

·  jpg file

·  Pixel: minimum 300 dpi

·  Submit value price of your art work (if for sale)


Evaluation & Selection:

·  Panel of professional on the board of the “2014 SISO Planning Committee” will evaluate all submitted works

·  Selected artists will be granted the opportunity to exhibit their works in the SISO exhibition

o  Artists will be given to option to exhibit another artwork other than the selected piece. However, it is recommended that the work be the same due to the photo that will be printed in our catalogue.

·  Selected artists’ work and profile will be including in our catalogue

o  Your work may potentially be televised in media and/or presented on the official SISO website for further use (upon consent)

Monetary compensation will not be made for such circumstance


Notable dates:

·  Deadlines:

o  Korean Artists: June 23th, 2014 ~ August 26th, 2014

o  Korean Adoptee Artists: June 9th, 2014 ~ August 26th, 2014


Additional Information:

·  Nominated Korean artists are asked to deliver art work to “Misulsegye Gallery” by 12:00PM on September 30th.

·  Nominated adoptee artists will be given a stipend from InKAS (International-

  Korean Adoptee Services) for your international shipping.

  (Be sure to elaborate your name and contact and brief description of work on back side of piece)

InKAS Address: Bok-Chang building #703, 80 Sogongdong, JungKu, Seoul, 100-070

·  Damaged or missing work will not be at SISO or InKAS’ fault and or disposal. We highly recommend that you file for insurance.

·  All work will be displayed in the gallery according to SISO’s allocation

·  Plagiarized work will NOT be accepted


Hosting & Sponsoring Organizations:

·  Host organization: InKAS (International Korean Adoptee Services)

·  Operating organization: InKAS & INAE(International Network for Art Exchange)

·  Sponsor: Ministry of Health and Welfare & Korea Adoption Services (KAS) &

           Monthly Art etc.

·  Contact:

o  Email: /

o  Office: +82-2-3148-0258

o  Fax: +82-2-3148-0259

Office will be closed

Event date: 2014-06-04

As you may know, congressional election will be held on June 4th, 2014.
Thus, our office will be closed tomorrow, June 4th.

Thank you,

[마감] 부산 한국어 도우미

1. 부산에서 집을 구하는(고시원-월 30만원정도)  입양인의 통역 도와줄수 있는분 구합니다.

2. 부산에서 한국어를 공부하는 입양인에게 한국어 도움줄수 있는분 구합니다.


[마감] 비자연장 통역

출입국 관리소에가서 비자연장하는 과정에 통역 도움 주실분 구합니다.

금요일을 제외한 평일 가능합니다.  가능한 시간/요일 댓글 주십시오.



1) 조건
- 단독세대 가정은 제외
- 서울시청 인근 호텔로 픽업이 가능한 가정

2) HOST FAMILY 가정의 역할
 국외 입양인과 함께  가정의 일상을 얘기하며 저녁식사후 상호교류 시간을 가짐 

3) 혜택
- 자원봉사시간 6시간 인정

4) 일시: 6/15(일) - 1가족(4인)  - 마감,마감,마감

5) 일시: 6/28(토) - 3가족(각 4인)

댓글 기다립니다.

2014년 6월 자원봉사자교육 안내

2014년 6월 신규 자원봉사자 교육이 6.4 지방선거 관계로 6월 11일 사무실에서 진행됩니다.

6월 자원봉사자 교육을 받고자 하시는 분은

본 단체 홈페이지 가입 후 마이페이지에서 자원봉사신청서를 작성해 주시기 바랍니다.

본 단체는 자원봉사 교육을 이수하지 않으면 자원봉사 활동을 할 수 없음을 알려드립니다.

오후 5시 30분    인터뷰

오후 6시             교육 진행

6시 10분 이후에 도착하시는 분은 교육을 이수할 수 없음을 알려드립니다.

[마감] 6/20(금) 통역

6/20(금)  호텔 -> KSS ->호텔 일정 통역해 주실분 구합니다. 

시간:  09:30 (인사동 소재 Ibis Ambassador hotel)

방문할 곳: KSS(한국사회봉사회) 10:30 약속

KSS(한국사회 봉사회)는 도봉구 쌍문동에 있습니다.

[마감] 공항픽업

6/24(화) 17:50 도착하는 입양인을 픽업해서 종로구에 있는 뿌리의 집까지통역안내 해 주실분 구합니다.

도착: 6/24  인천공항 오후 5시 50분(아시아나 271편)

[마감] 병원찾기

다음주 InKas사무실에서 입양인을 만나 internet으로 병원찾고 함께 병원방문 통역 도와 주실 여자분 구합니다.

일시: 6/9(월)  오후 1시 안되면 6/11(수) 오후 1시 가능 


호텔에서 서울역까지 통역안내 해 주실 봉사자 구합니다.

 6/10(화)  08:30  Casaville Residence(신촌에 위치, 전화:6220-4000)에서 Martin가족(4인)을  픽업하여 지하철을 타고 서울역에서 09: 30 출발하는 부산행 KTX를 안전하게 태워주면 됩니다.



InKAS - International Korean Adoptee Service Inc | Phone: +82-2-3148-0258 | Fax: +82-2-3148-0259
(03698) 15F, 662, Gyeongin-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea