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[closed] Classic Concert

Event date: 2014-08-25


What are you planning to do on Monday night?
We have some free tickets of a classic concert which will be held at Miral School near Ilwon station on August 25th.
This may be a good chance to enrich your life with music or at least to have wonderful time Monday evening.

The spots, however, are limited. Thus, first come, first served.
If you are interested in the concert, please RSVP by August 22nd, Friday via email(

We can gather up at InKAS office by 6PM, and go to the concert place together.

Deadline: Aug. 22nd, Friday

Thank you,

[마감] Website searching

8/22(금) 오후 2시 InKAS 사무실에서  인터넷(job searching)하는데 통역

도와 주실 분 구합니다.

국외 입양인과 함께 하는 바리스타 교육 수강생 모집

사)국제한국입양인봉사회에서는 국외 입양인의 안정적 모국 생활 지원을 위해 국외 입양인을 대상으로 바리스타 교육을 지원하고 있습니다.

효과적인 교육과 본 단체 자원봉사자들에게 조금이나마 혜택을 주고자 국외 입양인을 위해 영어 통역을 하며 함께 바리스타 교육을 참여하실 분들을 아래와 같이 모십니다. 관심있는 분들의 참여 부탁드립니다.

1. 일시 : 2014. 9. 16 ~ 10. 14(매주 2회 화, 목 19:00~21:30)

2. 장소 : 탐앤탐스아카데미(강남구 신사동 위치)

3. 수강료 : 100,000원(나머지 부분 본 단체 지원)

4. 신청기간 : 2014. 8. 19 ~ 8. 27

5. 신청방법 : 이메일 contact@inkas.org로 신청

6. 기타 : 본 강의 이후 커피마스터 2급 자격 응시가 가능함.

      1) 시험의 명칭: (사)한국관광산업포럼 주최, (주)탐앤탐스아카데미 주관 ‘커피 마스터 2급’ 

      2) 전형 방법: 필기검정 합격 후 실기검정

      3) 응시료: 필기(30,000원) 실기(50,000원) / 필기교재(8,000원)

      4) 접수방법: 온라인접수

7. 강의 내용 






커피의 이해

교육 과정 소개, 탐앤탐스 아카데미 소개

커피 기초 이론강의


에스프레소 Ⅰ

에스프레소의 정의 및 추출 방법

에스프레소 머신의 사용법


에스프레소 Ⅱ

에스프레소 추출실습과 자세 교정

에스프레소를 이용한 응용메뉴 제조

에스프레소 꼼파냐 / 아메리카노 제조 실습


에스프레소 Ⅲ & 우유 스팀

에스프레소 추출 실습

스팀의 이해와 거품 생성의 원리 설명


우유 스팀 Ⅰ

벨벳 스티밍 실습

Dry & Wet 카푸치노 실습

라떼 / 카푸치노 제조 실습


우유 스팀 Ⅱ

Wet 카푸치노 푸어링 실습

디자인 카푸치노 제조


카페 메뉴 제조 실습

시럽, 파우더 응용메뉴 제조

카라멜 마끼야또 / 카페 모카 제조 실습


최종점검 및 수료식

자격증 검정 일정 안내

최종 점검 테스트

강의 수료식 진행

2014 InKAS Tesol

InKAS 2014 Online TESOL Program

InKAS would like to offer an opportunity for overseas Korean adoptees living all over the world to take an online TESOL course (at reasonable price). As the demand for English teachers is very high in Korea, English teacher position is one of the careers a number of people from the U.S, Canada, Australia, or Europe living in Korea choose. We continue to support Korean adoptees to find a way to have a stable life here in Korea. This is also aimed to helping overseas Korean adoptees have a higher chance of getting a job.

2014 Online TESOL Course Overview:

120-hour certification course designed by the Academy of Languages & Training Canada (
Overseas Korean adoptees participate in this online program anywhere around the world if they have a computer and access to the Internet. You can listen to the lessons even at home, so if you invest some money and your free time, you may be able to learn about teaching English to foreigners and improve your teaching skills you come home after work or school. If you are planning to start your career as an English teacher in Korea, you can make yourself more competitive by joining this program before coming to Korea.

Course duration: September 15th, 2014 – October 14th, 2014

Course structure: 100% online course

Course fee: 150,000KRW(150USD, 100EURO)

How to apply: 

Fill out an application through If you are not an InKAS member, please sign up first and pay the annual membership fee.

* As you may know, to write any kind of application on our website, you should be our paid member. So, please check your InKAS membership if you are interested in this program.

Application deadline: September 5st, 2014

[마감] 서대문보건소

다음주 7/29, 30, 31 오후 2시 서대문보건소 방문(건강검진 결과확인)하는데 통역해 주실분 원합니다.

일자는 7/29,30,31중 가능한 날자로 정하고  시간은 오후 2시 서대문보건소에서 만나면 됩니다. 2시간정도  예상합니다.

[마감] 친가족 통역 자원봉사자 급구

Event date: 2014-07-25

안녕하세요. 입양인과 친가족의 만남에 통역해주실 자원봉사자분을 구합니다

언어: 영어

일시: 8월 1일 오전 10시

장소: 인천 논현동 (또는 인천 국제 공항)

* 모이는 장소에 따라 시간 변경 예정

봉사 가능하신 분은 댓글 달아주시기 바랍니다. 감사합니다


Event date: 2014-07-18

Bok-nal means it's the most hottest days in a year. Also, Koreans call it Sam-bok-deow-we. It's between June and July, and there's 3 Bok-nals. First one is called Cho-bok (7/13 in 2013), second one is called Jung-bok (7/23 in 2013), and the last one is called Mal-bok (8/12 in 2013). And each day, people tend to eat some food which could make them invigorated. Which means for self-preservation, Koreans eat special foods which could make people get stronger enough to spend summer season well. Most famous special foods are dog-meat soup and Samgyetang (chicken soup with ginseng). Koreans think that eating hot foods even in the hottest days means fight fire with fire. And believed to make body stronger by that. So people usually eat hot healthy food in these days, not cold foods.

Dog-meat soup is believed to restores energy to tired body. Following to the eastern medicinal manual, it says dog-meat makes the five viscera relaxed, controls the blood vessel, makes stomach and intestine stronger and makes waist and knee warm so that it improves person's energy. Koreans believed that don-meat soup is such a healthy food, so in Chosun dynasty, people even already knew how to cook dogs well.

But in some areas, people believed that eating don-meat soup brings bad luck, some Koreans banned to eat don-meat soup. Also, in history, some religion banned to eat it. These days, not a lot of people are eating dog-meat soup, but still there's some people who eat it. Because of these reasons, as a substitute for dog-meat soup, some people enjoyed Samggyetang (chicken soup with ginseng).

Samggyetang is made of young chicken and put ginseng, jujube, glutinous rice inside of it and boil it for long time. Sometimes, people use black chicken instead of young chicken. Eating chicken keeps people from getting cold and it's good for the stamina. Cure-all food like Ginseng and garlics are added in this, Samggyetang is believed to be a perfect health food.

And some people also eat Patjuk as a health food. Patjuk is believed to prevent people to get affected by heat and diseases. Also, in hot weather, people thought that Patjuk can expel ghost so lots of people enjoyed it.   

[마감] 7/17(목) 부동산 통역

부동산  사무실에 가서 officetel 가격 알아보려 하는 입양인  통역해 주실분 댓글달아 주십시오.

일시: 7/17(목)  13:30 ~ 17:30

장소: 신촌역 1번 출구에서 만남(신촌중심 지역 방문예정)

Barista Education for Korean Adoptees(2nd)

Barista Education for Korean Adoptees(2nd)

Purpose and Background

Firstly, a barista is a person, usually a coffeehouse employee, who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks. In Korea, the coffee business is blooming and there are a lot of coffee shops. So, these companies need workers in order to effectively manage their coffee branches.

For this reason, we offer this education program to you. This program starts off with the understanding of coffee, shows you diverse ways to extract espresso from coffee beans and gives you an opportunity to make coffee. You can enjoy drinking and making coffee with other people and receive information regarding the career path of a barista through this program. This program will give you the opportunity to maintain economic stability in the future for yourself by increasing the ability to get an engage in a supportive community.

※ The syllabus (details of the curriculum) of the program can be found at the end.


The completion of this program DOES NOT make you a certified barista. You still need to take the barista exam. This program however, may prepare you for the barista exam.

If you want to take the barista exam, please continue reading.

You can register for the exam at "Tom N Toms Coffee Academy". If you pass the exam then you will become a coffee master level 2. There are two parts to the exam. The first part is a writing exam and the second part is a performance exam. You first need to pass the writing exam in order to take the performance exam. You should pay for the registration fee.

Registration fee : Writing Exam (30,000KWN), Performance Exam(50,000KWN)

Writing Exam Textbook(8,000KWN)

Dates for the Barista Program

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 P.M to 9:30 P.M starting September 16, 2014 ~ October 14, 2014


1. Education is provided only in a single session.
2. Each Class must have a minimum of 10 people.

How to Apply

Fill out an application through If you are not an InKAS member, please sign up first and pay the annual membership fee.

Application Deadline: July 10, 2014 ~ August 17, 2014

Cost of the Program: 100,000 KWN


Seoul Special City Gangnam gu Shinsa dong 570-6 Bedro Building 5F Tom N Toms Academy

☎ 02-515-2345 / Fax: 02-515-2945 / Website:


Syllabus of the program



Main Topics




understanding of coffee

Introduction of the program and Tom N Toms Academy, basic theories of coffee


Espresso Ⅰ

The definition of espresso and how to extract it, How to use an espresso machine


Espresso Ⅱ

Practice extracting espresso

and correcting posture,

Creating more difficult drinks by using espresso,

Making espresso Con Panna and Americano


Espresso Ⅲ & Milk steam

Practice extracting espresso,

Understanding steam and how it was made


Milk Steam Ⅰ

Practice making velvet steam,

Dry & Wet cappuccino and

Latte cappuccino


Milk Steam Ⅱ

Practice pouring wet cappuccino,

Making design cappuccino


Making all the coffee from the coffee menu

Creating other drinks using syrup and powder,

Practice making Caramel macchiato

and Caffe mocha


Final Review and completion ceremony

Overview of barista exam details,

Pre-test for barista exam,

Completion Ceremony

[[마감]]부산 통역(8/21 ~ 8/27)

위 기간중 부산에서 생모를 만나는 프랑스 입양 여성의 통역 도와주실분 구합니다.   가능한 날자와 시간 각 알려 주시기 바랍니다.


InKAS - International Korean Adoptee Service Inc | Phone: +82-2-3148-0258 | Fax: +82-2-3148-0259
(03698) 15F, 662, Gyeongin-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea